Your Award Travel Booking Expert



Once you have decided on a trip, I get to work. I search for the best flights and advise you on the most effective ways to use your points and miles. (Of course you have the final decision on everything!)

Keep in mind I don’t get paid to look for flights. I ONLY get paid if I find something you like, and you decide to get the ticket.  So you really have nothing to lose.


$325 for the first person whether it’s a one-way or roundtrip ticket and $75 for each additional passenger on the same reservation (same confirmation and you must be traveling together). (Please note if roundtrip it must be reserved at the same time.)

Examples of a one way ticket: Los Angeles to London or New York to Miami or Chicago to Rome or London to Paris.

An example of a roundtrip ticket: Los Angeles to London returning London to Los Angeles

More complex routings MAY be assessed an additional fee, but this will be discussed and quoted to you in advance.

An example of a “more complex routing” might be: New York To Rome (stop for a few days) Rome to Paris (stop for a few days) Paris back to Los Angeles.

Sometimes it’s necessary to purchase an additional paid flight or flights to complete your itinerary. For example, I might find you something Lax to London using your miles, but then you want to go from London to Berlin which is only available as a paid ticket. If that should happen (and you require my assistance to secure those paid flights,) I charge a $50 per passenger, per flight,  service fee in addition to the cost of the mileage ticket.)

For trips from the United States to Australia, New Zealand and Africa, a $100 supplement will be assessed. 

My fee includes searching out the flights, finding the seats and setting up the reservation. Basically I will do all the legwork for you saving you lots of time.

Changes to tickets once they are booked will incur change fees and are often dependent on award availability. I charge $50-75 per passenger, per leg, if you wish to make a change to your booking and require my assistance and expertise. It often takes a lot of time to search out new flights. This fee is on top of what the airlines may charge.

Once I have secured your flights my fee is non-refundable, even if you are to cancel your trip.  That’s because you are essentially paying me for the time it takes to search out the award seats and consult with me.

The Miles Guy facilitates airline travel; however, passengers are always subject to airline rules, regulations and the Conditions of Carriage. Airlines have the right to cancel, delay or change flights, move seats and in extremely rare cases bump passengers and/or downgrade their class of service. It is expressly agreed and understood that The Miles Guy is not liable or responsible for the actions of the airlines.