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Need help using your frequent flyer miles and credit card points?  You’ve come to the right place!  My name is David Fleming aka “The Miles Guy,” and everyone who knows me knows I am passionate about travel and even more passionate about figuring out how to use frequent flyer miles and credit card points to get great flights and hotels. You see, points have allowed me to fly all over the world.

I’ve been to more than 40 countries, from Australia to Argentina; Italy to Indonesia; Cambodia to Canada; Japan to Jordan; and it’s frequent flyer miles that have allowed me to get there. Not only that, I’ve been able to use points to travel in First and Business Class most of the time.

Over the years, I’ve figured out the value of frequent flyer miles and how to use them effectively. What started as a hobby has turned into a business. Now I help book award travel for people just like you! Don’t let your points go to waste, the miles guy is here to help!

The Miles Guy facilitates airline travel, however passengers are always subject to airline rules, regulations and the Conditions of Carriage. Airlines have the right to cancel or change flights, move seats and in extremely rare cases bump passengers and downgrade the class of service. It is expressly agreed and understood that The Miles Guy is not liable or responsible for the actions of the airlines


I help people who have acquired frequent flyer miles and / or American Express Membership Rewards points or Chase Ultimate Rewards points use them effectively. What happens to a lot of my clients is they have amassed a large number of points, but can never seem to find the seats they want, or if they do find the seats, they end up spending a lot more points than needed. For example, one airline reward program might charge 25,000 points for a roundtrip ticket, while a partner airline might charge 20,000 points for a booking on the same exact plane.

I’ve traveled the world on points, know all the routings, and if I can’t find the seats, they just aren’t there.

My goal is simple: get you from point a to point b with the least amount of stops, on the best airlines, with the least amount of money and points out of pocket — in the process saving you time and money as I will do all the searching.

I specialize in first and business class travel internationally. Why spend $15,000 for a first class ticket when you can get the same seat on points?! You just have to know where to look.

What I can do for you:

Scour the internet, use my expertise of routings and airlines to find you award seats

  • Help book your reservation
  • Make sure you get the seats you want.
  • Deal with the airlines so you don’t have to.
  • Save you money and time!

As I’m sure you know, finding award seats can be an arduous task. But I’m up for the challenge!


Will my miles expire?

Very likely, Yes. So you’ll want to use them. Also, the airlines have been devaluing miles in recent months. That means it could take more miles to get the tickets you want. I’m from the school of thought, “If you have miles, use them.”


How much are the taxes on an award ticket?

It all varies from airline to airline. It could go anywhere from $2.50 per ticket to more than $1,000 per ticket.


Is there a downside to using miles?

The only downside I find is that you have to be flexible. Award tickets are based on award space. What I do is search for the best award space to suit your needs. The more flexibility you have, the more options I can come up with. Oh and taxes…that’s another downside. Those darn taxes. But there’s no way around that.


Can you help me if I don’t have miles?

Sure, I do all types of bookings. I’ll search for the lowest paid fares too. I can also help plan travel and put together extensive itineraries.


What would be an example where I would want to pay for a ticket instead of use points?

Think about it this way. Your points are like a currency. Miles are generally valued around 2 cents a piece (on average.)
With that in mind, if a roundtrip ticket will require 25,000 miles, and you figure 25,000 miles x 2 cents each, you’re looking at a ticket valued at $500. But if you can buy that same ticket for under $500, seems to me you’re better off paying for the ticket outright.


So sometimes its better to pay for the ticket outright and not use points?

Absolutely. And I’ll tell you right away if you are better off using your points for just paying for a ticket.


When is the right time to use points?

Generally you get the most bang for your buck when you use points for First and/or Business Class international travel. That’s because First and Business Class tickets can be 5,10,15 even $20,000 or more a piece! But if you know how to use your award miles effectively, you can get the same ticket on points.


All my miles are spread out. I have 20,000 American Express Points, 25,000 United Points, 100,000 American Airlines points. Can you help me figure out how to best use my points?

I sure can!!


What’s the difference between award travel and reward travel bookings?

They are exactly the same.


Thanks so much David! You are seriously the best and if you don’t mind I will be telling everyone I know about your service.
Cari in San Francisco

Dear David, Thank you so much for making our trip a reality for us! I have been singing the song of praise for you and passing your name along to everyone, so hopefully you’ll get lots of referrals.  All the best.
Mickey in Los Angeles

Dave, We cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you did for us. We are truly grateful!!
Ed and Lynda in Philadelphia

Bucket list 2015: Australia trip booked! However getting a flight on miles to Sydney was a challenge! I spent almost 8 hours in the last few days being put on hold again and again. From one airline asking 795,000 miles for a round trip ticket to another one asking $5,300 and 50,000 miles for an upgrade… i was at a loss, until my mother said: “don’t be stubborn and call David – the miles guy”. Amazing: 10 texts later, David worked his magic and I am now booked on the exact flight I wanted. David charges a minimal fee for his service. Anyone who has amex points or frequent flyer miles, David is the guy for you. Contact me if you need his info. G’day.
Magali in Beverly Hills

So, I watched Dave Fleming on our local news.  We are headed to Paris and wanted to use points, fly business class & do it non stop.  Both AA and UAL wanted hundreds of thousand of points with layover stops.  Dave found an Air Tahiti, non stop and only used 1/3 the AA points.  Give him a try and say I sent you.
Lance in Thousand Oaks

Hi Dave, I am thrilled and stunned by the quality & creativity of your service in booking my tickets.  This is such an amazing treat and dare I say that I feel like a princess going on a grand adventure.  Your excellent advice,  sense of humor, and patience in walking me through the intricate booking process has made such a difference and is much appreciated! Ironically , my flights will be 1st class to Tokyo: baggage class from Tokyo to Taipei, Baggage class from Taipei to Singapore. & then first class from Singapore to LAX. Thank you also for your kindness — in a world full of arrivistes and takers, please know that your sense of professionalism and calm made the travel experience even sweeter and certainly a whole lot less stressful.
Jan in Los Angeles

Thank you for such wonderful service.  You are a miracle worker.
Lauren in Ramona

Dave, It was such a pleasure to work with you. You are the most patient and persistent person I’ve ever worked with! You saved us a ton of money that we would much rather spend on hotels and restaurants than on airfare. Thanks so much.
Karen in Little Rock


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